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Public Pension System?

The Public Pension System is Failing and it won’t be long until it’s totally collapsed on every level and there is simply no funds left to ascertain the monthly pension payments of retirees. The government is not only not contributing to these funds on current levels, but has failed to do their part on paying back money on a loan that they once borrowed

And negated their promise

To pay back. The 1.2% Return, yes you read that correctly ,

The 1.2% investment Return on the billions of dollars they have taken from employees is not only unsustainable in regards to keeping the pension funded, but absolutely ridiculous in regards to a percent return on

Your investment. If you were working as a asset manager for a large hedge fund and returned a 1.2% gain on your

Investors money you would surely be fired immediately .


New Jersey’s public worker pension shortfall continued to grow last year, adding nearly $3 billion in unfunded liabilities to one of the worst-funded systems in the country.

As of July 1, 2020, the seven pension funds that make up the pension system had enough assets to cover just 58% of what they owe to active and retired state and local government workers, according to new Treasury Department reports.


The gap between the total assets, $103.5 billion, and liabilities, $178.4 billion, was $74.9 billion at the beginning this fiscal year. That’s more than $2.9 billion, or 4%, higher than the year before. A year earlier, the system had $102 billion in assets and $174 billion in liabilities — a shortfall of about $72 billion.


Pensions are funded through employer contributions, employee contributions and investment returns. Low investment returns and insufficient funding from the state chipped away at the funding ratio last year.

Between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020, which the state’s investment director described as a “challenging global economic and investment environment,” the pension fund generated a 1.2% return, far short of its long-range target.


Token Sale:

  • Total Supply:100 Billion
  • Phase 1 ICO:10 Billion (90 Day Trading Restriction)
  • Phase 2 ICO:10 Billion (90 Day Trading Restriction)
  • UNISWAP: Exchange: 30 Billion
  • Developers: 20 Billion
  •  Other Exchanges: 30 Billion


Phase 1 ICO

1 BLAZAR = 0.00002$ 12-1-2021 ~ 12-15-2021


Phase 2 ICO

1 BLAZAR = 0.00004$ 12-16-2021~12-31-2021


Phase 2 ICO Week 2

1 BLAZAR= 0.0005 1-1-2022~1-30-2022


Final Week Pre-Launch

1 BLAZAR= 0.005 2-1-22 until 02-21-22

Blazar Token Features

Enables one to save for their future in a high yielding, secure fund with multiple revenue streams that all flow back in a circle to keep building onto the initial liquidity pool.


Lower Transaction Costs

A decentralized all-in-one platform accessible to consumers and brands with lower transaction fees and operational costs.


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C2C transactions are easy, instant and secure with Hoverex. Send HVRs or your choice of currency to any user on the platform.


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We've revolutionized consumer targeting by giving brands the tools and insight to know their customers.


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